MAY 29, 2020 UPDATE


To All Members of the Knarr Fleet:


While all of us try and navigate the uncharted waters of the current Covid 19 crisis, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update from your Admiralty.  We all know that these boats are special and all of us have an obligation to push the fleet forward.  It is clear that the fleet is rapidly becoming the premier one design fleet on the Bay.  We want to foster and promote that so we all become better sailors and enjoy the fierce competition.  With that said, we face a dual mandate: on the one hand, we want to allow owners to maximize their boats performance within the context of the rules and on the other we don’t want the fleet to disintegrate into some sort of an arms race which makes the boats prohibitively expensive thereby discouraging participation.    Our starting point is unique: some of these boats are 50 -60 years old, some wood, some glass, many owned by multiple owners over the years all with different ideas on what makes the boats go fast.  So our new measurer with the encouragement of the entire Admiralty took on the task of collecting the data about our fleet.  He has worked extremely hard, put untold number of hours into the task, measured 15 different boats and the results are starting to come in.  


With the dual mandate in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the findings and questions that have come up (excerpt taken from the Measurer’s Report):


  1. Mike Ratiani and John Buestad measured Don Jesberg’s (#133) new molded rudder at KKMI April 16th, we measured per the existing drawing “V” and weighed as well per the current rule.  The new molded rudder appears to measure in, in all aspects. 

  2. The Admiralty reviewed the current rules and drawings, It is Admiralty’s  interpretation that the newly built CNC rudders built by Phil’s foils are in compliance as well (we reviewed the data sheet on Charlie Griffith’s (#132 new CNC rudder).

  3. Don Nazzal has asked if he may purchase a new CNC built rudder from Philz’s Foils, the Admiralty sees no reason he should not be allowed to. Should be noted that in recent years Ulf Regeburg (from Denmark) built his own rudder out of wood, seems only equitable that Don and others should be allowed the same freedom of design as it is in compliance with the current rules. 

  4. Chris Perkins and Don Nazzal have shown a lot of concern over the cost of the new rudders, their design and how this will affect the fleet as a whole. The Admiralty respects the concern, but can only say that the new rudders meet the Class Rules as enacted in 2011..

  5. See rule C.8.1 regarding any modification to the shape of the Knarr rudder, as long as it stays within the bounds of the measurements as shown in the drawings.

  6. It should be noted that the Admiralty is moving forward with licensing Phil’s Foils with both the molded rudders and the CNC fabricated rudders. It should also be noted that the fleet has made the initial investment to subsidize the cost of building the mold, with Phil’s Foils agreeing to charge a royalty to anyone who orders a rudder so that the fleet will, over time be reimbursed.

  7. It has been brought to our attention that there are boats within the fleet with an adjustable mast step allowing the base of the mast to travel more than allowed 5 mm.  It is the opinion of the Admiralty that this does meet the standard of the rules. Specifically rule C.9.4   

  8. Questions have arisen regarding the bench seats, it is the opinion of the Admiralty that the seats, as per the rules, need to be 30 cm wide and cannot be removed to gain a weight advantage. 

  9. The Admiralty is currently working on a standard template for the keel that can be used by all members in the future. 


It was our commitment, following the business meeting in February to increase transparency and foster open communication.  That is the spirit of this email and all future correspondence as it relates to the fleet.  With that said, I’m sure we all just want to go sailing and move beyond Covid 19 !! 


Stay safe, take care and look forward to seeing everyone on the water soon !!


Cheers, Graham